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Main lunch and dinner hot dishes

  • Pan fried fillet of Halibut served with grilled lemon - 495SEK

  • Grilled chicken breast served with redwine sauce and vegetables - 495SEK

  • Filet mignon served with red wine sauce - 595SEK

Main salad

  • Caesar with your choice of chicken or smoked salmon - 299SEK

  • Caprese with balsamic vinaigrette fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil - 275SEK

  • Handpeeled shrimps served with egg, lemon and dressing - 299SEK

Sandwich tray Chefs choice

  • Sandwich tray, chefs selection of closed triangle cocktail sandwiches with condiments on the side - 199SEK

Fresh fruit display

  • Fresh fruit display Seasonal sliced fresh fruit with berries - 199SEK

Cheese tray

  • Cheese tray, a variety of hard and semi-soft cheeses served with cracker - 245SEK